Healthy Choices: That work for every company

What We Deliver


 Healthy Starts  Now! A service provider program that works and makes it super-simple to provide Healthy-fresh fruit,vegetables  and healthy, clean-ingredient snacks for your team. You choose what works best for your office kitchen—curated mixes with the best from each category, or your team’s favorites in single-item baskets.

Keep Your Employees Engaged


Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of human resource management. It is essential for all organizations to focus on the fact that employees who are well engaged within the work environment are content employees who in turn are responsible for the organization’s increase in productivity.

One of the major trends in employee engagement is the increased focus on employee health. There is now a very particular focus on employee health in the workplace.

Organizations are now, more than ever, making sure that their employees, who are their greatest assets, are working in an environment that is safe, healthy and conducive to outstanding employee engagement.

Providing a healthy work environment includes many aspects, such as safety at work, a harmonious working relationship with other co-workers and the management, facilities such as gym memberships and the availability of healthy food.

 We pioneered fresh fruit delivery service in 2014. Today we are the #1 fruit delivery service in the Tri-county area, providing hundreds of companies and hundreds of people with fresh and healthy options each week. Healthy Starts Now! fruit,vegetable and snacks program inspires your people and helps them stay healthy and excited about your company's mission. Our program works. Morale and productivity goes up and absenteeism goes down.  

Why Fruit Is a Better Snack Choice for Your Office


Most adults in the U.S. spend the majority of their time in the workplace, where it can be tough to maintain healthy snacking habits. Many office break room vending machines are filled with sugary, fatty, calorie-dense candy bars, chips, sodas, and the like. These unhealthy snacks are very convenient and they’re often the only snacking option people have in their office. Healthy Starts NOW!, is here to offer the perfect alternative. Fresh fruit is a naturally delicious and healthy snacking choice that helps promote health and wellness in the workplace. Our fresh fruit delivery service offers many proven benefits to companies and their employees alike in the Tri-County areas.

How it Works! Fresh Fruit, Veggies and Artisan Snacks - Delivered!

 Whether you are small a shop or a big business, we have an Office Snack basket that will help keep your team fruit- vegetable fueled and productive. We deliver 100% certified and organic produce fresh from our local vendors and other local growers right to your office. Deliveries come with the option to add custom snacks and beverages.  

The Top Reasons Corporate Wellness Is More Important Than Ever

Here are some more ways a small business can benefit from putting a workplace wellness plan into place.

Lower insurance fees

Employees are happier


Healthy employees are more productive


Easier to recruit and retain